If you hear, “Do you fear my cow?” instead of “Do you hear me now?” then you need to come see the Hear Better Experts at Hearing Healthcare Center. What else have you been missing out on: the sound of your grandchild’s laughter, important instructions from your family physician, your favorite song on the radio, a play at your local community theater?

Reconnect with your world with a trip to see Dr. Angela K. Esterline at Hearing Healthcare Center.

Hearing Healthcare Center is unique in that it is client-centered. They are service-oriented. They are NOT just about selling hearing aids! They are ALL about helping people hear better. They know that each person and each hearing loss is different. It's not a "one size fits all" problem. So, each solution also has to be individualized.

Mission Statement
It is their mission at Hearing Healthcare Center to make a difference in the lives of hearing impaired people and their families through enhanced hearing and communication strategies, with compassionate hearts, caring hands, and the love of God for our brothers and sisters in Him.