Laura Ingraham, heard evenings at 8pm on WGBF, has done it again! Yet another bestseller to be has just been released.

TRN’s Laura Ingraham Releases Latest Book. Ingraham’s latest book, "Of Thee I Zing," is an upbraiding of America’s contemporary culture viewed through the eyes of the popular radio talk show host and presented in her own satirical style. The idea for the book came about as Ingraham visited a Virginia mall. “Everywhere she turned, she saw signs of the impending disaster: zombie teens texting each other across a café table; a man having his eyebrows threaded at a kiosk; a fiftyish woman shoe-horned into a tube top and skinny jeans; and a storefront ad featuring a Victoria Secret model spilling out of her push-up bra and into the faces of young passersby. Ingraham wondered to herself, ‘Is this it? Is this what our forefathers fought for? What my parents struggled for?’” Ingraham says of her new book and her radio show, “This is a critical time for our country both politically and culturally, and I feel like I’m just getting warmed up. TRNE, led by Mark Masters, has demonstrated a clear talent for fostering and growing innovative talk radio programming. Americans want and deserve smart, funny and irreverent talk and I intend to keep giving it to them.”

Laura Ingraham is also heard Saturdays at 4pm and Sundays at 5pm on WGBF.