Kentuckians may soon be allowed to get stinking-drunk before hitting the polls, as state lawmakers are entertaining the idea of abolishing the Prohibition-era booze ban that currently prevents everyone from the social drinker to the raging alcoholic from purchising a stiff drink on Election Day.

In fact, approval for the people of Kentucky to have the right to tie-one-on prior to casting their ballots has already been granted by the Senate Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee. Now,the proposal, which is being sponsored by Republican Senator John Schickel, will be presented to the full Senate for them to deliberate on.

However, lawmakers are concerned that the proposal will fall on deaf ears, as many similar proceedings throughout the years have been unsuccessful.

In recent years, Election Day booze bans have been lifted in Deleware, Idaho, Indiana, Utah and West Virginia – Kentucky and South Carolina are the only two remaining states that subscribe to this “dry” law.