If your family is like mine, you love your pizza. The question we always ask is which size pizza is the best value..should we get two mediums, two smalls, or a medium and a large? It's a real dilemma in our house and we usually answer that question by determining how hungry everyone is. Turns out, a new study says larger is not only cheaper, but the best value is always the largest pizza your favorite pizza place offers. For example, based on the study, two small pies will cost you more than one large and furthermore, the large will give you more total pizza than the two smalls.

When you go into almost any pizza place, you see round trays on the wall representing each size by square-inch. The small might be 8-inches, a medium will be 10-inches and a large might be 16-inches. Some places have all different sizes in different diameters.

Look at it this way, you decide that an 8-inch small won't be anywhere near enough for your group so, you decide to go twice as big and get the 16-inch because the 16-inch is double the size right...wrong! An 11-inch pie is actually twice the size of an 8-inch pie based on total pizza volume.

Basically, an 8-inch pie has about 50 total inches of pizza, while the 11-inch gives you 95 total inches. The study compared about 74,476 prices from just over 3,600 pizza joints across the country and in every instance larger was ALWAYS cheaper...every time.

Even if you know you won't eat that much, larger is the only way to go and then you have the bonus treat of cold pizza for a couple of days and what could be better than that? So, there you go...glad I could help.