John Gregg, the former speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives who lost his bid for Governor in 2012 to Mike Pence has announced that he will not seek the office in 2016.

The announcement was made via a letter that was published on the 'Gregg for Governor' Facebook page. The letter states that since the election he has still been busy in politics, but his primary focus has been on family, his law practice and new business opportunities.

I have been reminded many times over the years, sometimes life events curb one’s focus. I have always been about more than ‘politics’ and over ten years ago I stepped back from the political world and its demands to focus on my family.

It was a great choice – and one I am making again today.

Despite the overwhelming support and encouragement to make another run, I am announcing that, at this time, I am no longer actively seeking the Indiana Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor in 2016.

Gregg does state that he will be remain involved in politics.