We've probably all had something wedged in the front part of our cars, whether it be rocks, bugs and other debris.  One time I had a relatively large bird fly right into the front bumper of my car.  When I got home, it wasn't pleasant removing what was left of it from the front of my radiator.  But what would you do if an iPad got wedged in your bumper?

That's what happened to Alexa Crisa from Cobb County, Georgia.  While she was driving, a car swerved over in front of her and something flew off the top of the car right into hers.  When Alexa looked at her car later, she saw an iPad sticking out of her front bumper!

The force of the impact had caused the iPad to "cut" through the bumper and get stuck.  Her father helped her remove the iPad with a hammer.  After the removal, the real surprise came...it still worked!  Despite a broken screen, an app still was functional and displayed the name and address of the owner!

After contacting the owner and returning the iPad, Alexa was told the beginning of the story.  The owner had left the iPad on the roof of his car.  When he turned in front of her, the iPad flew off his vehicle and straight into her bumper.

No other happy ending, as far as I know.  However, if someone wants to turn in front of me allowing a stack of 100 bills to fly off their car, I'll gladly accept the gift.  I'll even be happy to drive to Cobb County, Georgia.