The Indiana meth epidemic is still running rampant, with Indiana State Police saying that not only are statewide meth lab busts on the rise, but policing efforts on the sale of ingredients to make the drug are no longer working.

What’s worse is that now rather than the manufacturing of methamphetamines taking place in old barns and farmhouses, it is now being made by amateur chemists and cookers in populated urban areas, with unstable labs posing a threat to surrounding neighbors.

So far this year, there have been 938 meth labs uncovered in the state of Indiana, which already trumps last year’s total of 833.

Indiana State Police say that the electronic tracking log for accounting pseudoephedrine sales is not stopping or even slowing down meth cookers, as many have found creative ways to cheat the system in order to make their purchases.

Law Enforcement officials in Evansville say the only way to put an end to meth manufactures is to initiate heavier limitations on the sale of pseudoephedrine – making it only available with a prescription.

Vanderburgh County was leading the state in meth related incidents, but for now, Madison County  has stepped up to the lead spot.

However, those statistics do not include numbers from the Evansville Drug Task Force, which could easily put Vanderburgh County back in its number one position by the end of the year.