Just days after 20 children and seven adults were brutally massacred at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, Indiana authorities say they may have stopped a similar killing spree from happening right here in our backyard.

According to a statement released by the Cedar Lake police department, authorities were called to the home of Von I. Meyer, 60, early Friday morning because he was allegedly threatening to set his wife on fire and “kill as many people as he could before police could stop him” at a nearby elementary school, where his wife is an employee.

After notifying area schools of the potential for danger, Cedar Lake police arrested Meyers in his home, where they seized an massive arsenal of 47 guns and ammunition with an estimated value of over $100,000. Police say Meyers has ties to a motorcycle gang.

Although police say they do not believe Meyers actually planned to kill anyone, he was taken to the Lake County, Indiana Jail and charged with four counts of felony intimidation, one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, and two counts of resisting law enforcement.

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