An Indiana man convicted of beating his girlfriend with a Shake Weight - a popular work out mechanism seen on television - was sentenced earlier this week to a little vacation inside the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Jonathan T. Noe, 20, was recently found guilty of battery with a deadly weapon, a Class C felony in the state of Indiana, and invasion of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor. On Monday, a Tippecanoe County Superior Court Judge sentenced Noe to total of six years, four to be spent in prison and two on probation.

The court found that in the summer of 2011, Jonathan Noe knowingly and intentionally violated a protective order, which was issued to keep him from abusing or harassing his girlfriend. Court documents indicate that upon breaking the restraining order, Noe knocked his girlfriend unconscious with a Shake Weight after attending a party at her apartment complex.

Medical records reveal that the victim sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured eye socket and four of her teeth knocked to the back of her throat.

We certainly hope that when this guy wasn’t using the Shake Weight to beat up his girlfriend that he was using it to build up his muscles - because this pretty boy is going to need all the help he can get to fight off some of the monsters he is about to face inside the Indiana prison system.