The Indiana man given the responsibility of taking care of a 9-year-old girl and her two smaller sisters while their mother recovered from the flu, is now charged with killing the little girl.

In documents filed in court today, Michael Plumadore, 39, freely admitted to Allen County police he killed 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon early last Thursday morning, December 22, by hitting her in the head with a brick "several times" while she stood on the front steps of his trailer home.

Plumadore then cut the child's body into several pieces, putting them into several garbage bags and tossing them into a dumpster at a local business. But he kept her head, hands and feet. Those he stored in his freezer.

Plumadore was living in the trailer once owned by Aliahna's grandfather, James E. Lemmon. The elderly man died December 3, 2011, and had a long rap sheet of criminal behavior including convictions for child molestation in 2006 and was a registered sex offender. Plumadore inherited the trailer when Lemmon died because he had been taking care of Lemmon in his final weeks of life.

Plumadore will be back in court December 30.