Indiana lawmakers stand divided in regards to President Barack Obama’s plan to execute military strikes on Syria.

Earlier this week, while the Foreign Relations Committee voted to give President Obama the proverbial thumbs up to take forceful action against Syria, some members of the Intelligence Committee, including Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats, appeared apprehensive about the plan.

"The president has not made the case that this is the best thing to do, under the circumstances," he said. "You can say 'quick and easy.' A lot of times, it does not turn out that way. I'm withholding judgment until I learn more, until my questions are answered and until I hear from Hoosiers that I represent."

However, former Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar says that he is on the side of the president with regards to this issue.

"When we say we are not going to allow the use of chemical weapons in this world, we need to mean it," he said.

Retired Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton doesn’t appear to have much faith in the decision-making capabilities taking place on Capitol Hill.

"I think they should have come back into session a week or more ago. They were on vacation. A war is going on. We are thinking of intervening and they are taking their time in getting back," he said.

President Obama asked for support from across the world on Wednesday, citing that the credibility of the international community and Congress was on the line while debating retaliation efforts on Syria for their use of chemical weapons.


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