An Indiana high school has decided that it will no longer allow the classic country tune “Rocky Top” to be played at its football games because they say not only is it politically incorrect but it also glorifies the use of alcohol.

For the past two decades, Plymouth High School has blasted the familiar song at its football games. In fact, it has become a popular mantra heard immediately following the Plymouth Rockies scoring a winning play.

So, why after all these years would the school decide to ban the song? Plymouth School Superintendent Dan Tyree says it is because the song is about alcohol, and he did not feel it was appropriate to allow the students to celebrate a victory using a song with negative connotations.

“Somebody brought it up to me a couple of weeks ago,” said Tyree, “and said ‘you guys celebrate to Rocky Top after every touchdown and the song talks about going into the hills and living the good life and drinking moonshine.’”

“I think schools need to take a stand against the use of alcohol and playing a song like that and celebrating to it after every touchdown, and our school scores a lot of touchdowns, you know it just doesn’t make sense,” he said, adding that until recently, he had no idea the song had anything to do with alcohol.

Interestingly, some students attending Plymouth High School say they had no idea “Rocky Top” referenced alcohol until after the school decided to ban it. “It refers to in the third verse, a moonshine still, however, during the games the parts that are played don’t have that actual wording in its so we’re just kind of dumbfounded the fact that they took it away from, you know, just the third verse that was never played,” said one Plymouth High School student.

Students have started a petition to have the song reinstated for use at their football games, but Superintendent Tyree says it is a tradition that should have never gotten started and will never be heard from again.