An Indiana church is walking a controversial line this week with a sign posted outside its chapel illustrating slavery and lynching.

The Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in northeast Indianapolis erected the provocative sign displaying two men being lynched and slaves in shackles as a means for striking a nerve inside area residents to motivating them to become registered voters.

According to Rev. Joy Thorton, the sign is meant to draw attention and stress just how crucial it is for the black community to get out and vote.

"I think there is a sense of complacency about the price that was paid for one of the most precious rights we have, and that is the right to vote," she said. "That sign serves as a historical reminder."

While some area residents say the sign is confusing and offensive, others within the community say they believe the message is strong.

Thorton says that even though the church has received some complaints, the church doesn’t plan to remove the sign until after the election.