Indiana plans to invest more money in the state’s “WorkIN Indiana” program, as a recent peek at the new budget indicates that about $5 million will be allocated to help support things like job training, career certifications and high school equivalency degrees.

According to Indiana Department of Workforce Development representative Joe Frank, the program wants to increase its numbers from the current 800 people enrolled by using the money they have been allocated by the state to attract those who need their help.

“At this point, it looks like we are going be able to at least double the program, so it looks like we will be serving a lot more folks, and hopefully in serving more folks, more businesses around the state will see the value to this program, and see the participants are the type of credential employees that they would like to hire,” said Frank.

As it stands, there are more than 30 certification programs available to those who wish to participate, and any Hoosier that needs job training is encouraged to enroll.

For more information on the WorkIN Indiana program, click here.