A couple of Indiana men may have gotten a little “cocky” in their attempt to maintain the anonymity of their illegal cockfighting operation. That’s because earlier this week, Indiana police say they arrested George Piker and Jeffery McMahan for allegedly operating an illegal cockfighting ring that consisted of two fight-houses and a substantial number of roosters.

It all went down in the small, rural town of Prairie Creek, Indiana where officers say they discovered more than 100 roosters and a collection of cockfighting paraphernalia, including spurs, which are often put on cockerels to be used as lethal weapons during a fight.

And while illegal cockfighting rings are not typically synonymous with the more traditional goings-on here in the Hoosier state, authorities say that these types of operations are becoming more widespread throughout Indiana, with much of its activity being closely tied to the drug community.

Incidentally, both Piker and McMahan are now facing a collective of over 40 counts of possessing animals for fighting purposes, as well as drug charges since officers also found large amount of marijuana on the premises.

Remember, kids – it doesn’t matter how well your cock handles itself, it is illegal to fight that lean, mean pecking machine anywhere in the United States. Interestingly, in Thailand, betting on the cockfights is as common as a buying a Hoosier lottery ticket or joining a bingo game down at the Knights of Columbus.