(Xurxo Lobato /Getty images )

I realize how the title may make you raise your eyebrows, but that’s only because you may not know what I know.  I recently read an Associated Press article regarding the treatment of cows in Norway on one particular farm in Kozarac, Bosnia-Heregovina.  In those places, if you’re a dairy cow, you’re treated like a king/queen.  Seriously.  How would you like to have massages whenever you wanted, ge pedicures and relax to music to reduce your stress?

That’s what’s going on at Jusuf Arifagic’s farm.  He learned what he knows from Norwegian strategies to get dairy cows to produce more milk.  That knowledge includes, not only what I’ve already written, but the cows get to sleep on mattresses, and have computerized air conditioning and lighting, as well!  And this is in a country (Bosnia-Herzegovina) where half the population of humans is living in poverty!

I don’t have too many complaints about my life because I have comforts and security that many people don’t, even in our own country.  However, I might trade it all in to have someone consistently pampering me with massages, pedicures and music all in the effort to reduce my stress, especially if they throw in beer, margaritas and glasses of wine.  At that point, instead of eating cows, I’d rather be one!