Say it isn't so!!!!! Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane is heading westward from the Atlantic toward the US, Experts are saying that it has potential to be the worst, most devastating hurricane in history.

Hurricane Irma is headed toward Florida and it doesn't look good! May Floridians that would normally ride out the storm, believing the risk is too great, are evacuating.


Experts are also warning that Hurricane Irma, if it continues to gain strength, has the potential, because of the speed of the winds, for complete and utter destruction.

The National Hurricane Center reminds us that, at this point, it is too early to really tell just how Irma will affect the states along the Gulf Coast or East Coast. We can only hope that THIS Hurricane Irma ends up like the hurricane formerly know as Irma.

The last major storm named Irma appeared in the Atlantic on Oct. 2, 1978 and never made it to the U.S. coast.

Tropical Storm Irma came within 500 miles of the Azores before petering out on Oct. 5, according to the National Weather Service. - NBC News

Cross your fingers!