This past Memorial Day, my daughter and I spent the whole day at my mother-in-law's pool. We wore matching swimsuits. Hers was a one-piece complete with ruffly tutu and mine was a bikini, complete with strapless bandeau top. I purchased this suit a year after my daughter was born and since then I've lost some weight - but I rocked that sucker on Jacksonville beach 30 pounds ago!

While we were there, my step-daughter brought over some friends who are about 17-years-old. I overheard one of them say, "My goal this summer is for my legs not to jiggle." I chimed in with "Girl, I've had that goal most of my adult life!" Both girls very sweetly said, "You look pretty good for someone who is 32 and had a baby."

Okay, I know they were being complimentary - I exclaimed, "Well, thank you" but in my head I thought, "REALLY? PRETTY GOOD? I've always had the baby face - I still get carded when I buy Dayquil!!!"

Now, I could be upset and feel down on myself but you know what's cool about being 32 and a MOM? I am so far beyond caring about what people think of my body. Half of the local hospital staff have seen me completely naked when they pulled a baby from my swollen, pasty, limp, naked body. I won't even go into the details of what other horrors they've seen my body produce.

I decided to take what these teens told me as a compliment and fix what I want to fix. I've never been one to care much about what other people think of my physical appearance - but I do take care in my appearance for my own satisfaction. I ordered Invisilign braces for myself because at 32, I want to correct my overbite and I can finally afford it. I even prepared a veggie burger, green salad and cottage cheese for lunch because I too am ready get rid of this jelly. I don't want my legs to jiggle anymore either! Holla!

Plus, I figure if I look "pretty good" after 14 years of raising children, bill paying, marriage, partying hard, a c-section, actual work and all of life's stress to a 17-year-old girl, I must be doing something right. And, if I want to get my hair highlighted or get the fat sucked out of me - I'll do it! Because I want to - and I want to look "pretty good" when I'm 62!