Whenever I meet another guy, I always make sure that my handshake is firm and assertive, just like my dad taught me.  Most men were raised to give a firm handshake when meeting someone.  A firm handshake means that you're a "man," and that you mean what you say and stand for something.  A firm handshake gains immediate respect, while a limp hand places you in a submissive position.  Now, a firm handshake may mean more than that.

Researchers at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis have compared over fifty worldwide studies associated with handshakes to conclude that the strength of your grip may predict how long you'll live and how quickly you're aging.  Really?  Really.

What's more is that people with more education apparently have more endurance in their handshakes throughout their lives.  In other words, the more education, the longer you have that firm grip and the longer you live.

In another study completed on over a million Swedish young men, hand grip strengths were measured, and those with less hand grip strength were found to die earlier, plus be at higher risk for psychological problems and heart disease.

I don't know if I believe all of this "research" or not, but why take a chance?  I have an action plan.  After work today, I'm heading over the the nearest store with exercise equipment and getting a pair of those hand grip squeeze "thingys" and firming up my grip!  Now if I could just "get a grip" on the rest of my life...