I'm extremely fortunate with my job. I get to attend the tri-state's coolest happenings, meet interesting people and my employer is very flexible - which makes me want to always do my best for them. Any time I have been asked to cover something outside of an hour away or attend a conference, I have been put up in beautiful accommodations and treated like a queen. It makes leaving the chaos of my usual life a little easier.

I've been following some of the horrible conditions that many news journalists are facing in Sochi while they are covering the Olympics. It made me wonder how far I'd go for my job. From brown, undrinkable water that contains dangerous chemicals, to insects in the their food, visitors and journalists are facing some very yucky conditions.

I don't know how far I'd go for my job. I probably would have boarded a plane back for the USA by now - if I had even agreed to go in the first place. But, I am passionate about my job and do love it so, in order to keep it I might stick it out for a couple of weeks. It's hard to say since I'm not in that position. My personal comforts have never been compromised for my job. Have yours? Would you stay?