This weekend, I discovered a bit of "Mommy Gold." My daughter, who is 14-months-old, has fought with me over brushing her teeth ever since her first nub popped out of the gum line. She HATES the toothbrush and when I let her attempt at brushing, she sucks off all the toothpaste and hands me back the brush. I made a discovery this weekend that just may have changed my parenthood life.

Oral B

I left my regular toothbrush downstairs and dug into the drawer for my spare. I grabbed my old Spin Brush and buzzed through my teeth. I heard a little "uh uh UH" and saw little hands asking to hold the brush. I changed out heads on the electric toothbrush and she opened up wide. To my amazement, my child let me brush all her teeth. I thought it might be a fluke so I tried it again this morning. Same result - and I know all her teeth are actually getting clean.

I did a little research and I found Oral B makes an electric kids toothbrush. $26.99 worth of pure gold in my book.