- by Gretchin Irons, Best Day Ever
I will always remember the moment that I fell in love. There I was, standing on Haynie's Corner, eyes wide, drinking in everything I could about the object of my adoration. My heart had been stolen, and Evansville was the thief.

That day, in September of 2012, I developed an insatiable desire to learn everything I could about Evansville. EVERYTHING. I could not sit still. I had to wander, to explore, to ask questions. Every day, I learned something new, discovered cool places, and encountered friendly people. Art and music are everywhere in this city! So, you can imagine my surprise the first time I heard, "There's nothing happening in Evansville." I heard it again and again. The shock still hasn't worn off. "Evansville is boring." BORING?! Are we talking about the same city?

That would not do. I now had a quest. I had to refute this, my love's honor was at stake! I began a personal campaign. My social media became dedicated to promoting the city. People were going to see Evansville the way I saw it, through love's eyes.