If you have ever wondered why you can’t seem to get a cold beer in an Indiana convenience store, it’s because it’s against the law. Now, if you’ve ever wondered why selling cold beer at the local Huck's or Marathon gas station is illegal, well, that’s because of money and politics. 

Believe it or not, this law doesn’t really have much to do with religious organizations, like many people think.

What’s funny is that while many states are fighting to legalize pot, all the great American Hoosier citizen really wants is the right to buy cold beer. Luckily, while groups supporting liquor stores are fighting to keep the sole right to sell cold beer in Indiana, the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association is retaliating to make cold beer more convenient.

Recently, the IPMCSA filed a lawsuit against the Blue Law opposition in an attempt to strike down the old ways of Indiana lawmakers and finally allow cold beer to be sold in other venues besides liquor stores and taverns with carryout license. After all, lovers of cold beer shop at grocery stores and convenience stores, too!

Liquor stores fear that by allowing cold beer sales in other retail outlets that they will be driven out of business.