Historic Newburgh is looking for some input on the future of Newburgh, so they're having a meeting of like-minded people to come up with some new ideas.


          Tuesday, September 13th, Preservation Hall

           6:30p.m. Refreshments -- 7:00p.m. Meeting 

       General Public, HNI Members, HNI Charter members, local

                   Business Owners, and Public Officials

                              are encouraged to attend

 Historic Newburgh is at a wonderful place.  We have lots happening, great shops, interesting restaurants, and fun events. 

The purpose for this planning meeting is:  1) To share our mutual interest in seeing the Town of Newburgh grow, prosper, and succeed   2) To coordinate activities between Historic Newburgh, Inc. and the recently released Downtown Newburgh Revitalization Action Plan  3) To work together and have fun!!

We will be discussing what it means to be an Indiana Main Street organization.  Opportunities for revitalization in Newburgh are dependent on fresh ideas and volunteers.

The Indiana Main Street Committees are Design, Organization, Promotion and Economic Restructuring.  Each committee will have a specific purpose and tasks to complete.  With your help, we can accomplish so much.

The Town of Newburgh has been so insightful in its planning and this is a way for our Historic Newburgh, Inc. organization to dovetail into the town plans within the structure of HNI and the Main Street Organization.