Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and his special guests, Dr. William Wooten and Assistant Police Chief Chris Pugh, readdress the topic of meth on this week's show.

The one thing we know for sure about this dangerous, addictive drug is that you absolutely cannot make it without pseudoephedrine, yet "pseudo" is still relatively easy to acquire. Dr. Wooten, the chair for the Mayor's No Meth Task Force, explains a piece of legislature that would, in theory, greatly reduce the amount of pseudo available, and in theory, the amount of meth being produced locally.

How did Evansville do in regards to meth, in 2012? What, if anything, can be done about it? What is the city and the EPD doing to combat meth? What are some indicators of a possible meth lab? What should you do if you think there is a meth lad near your home? All of these questions got answered by our experts today.

Meth discussion part 1

Meth discussion part 2