When I was younger, I always dreamed that serial killers were chasing me and when I'd try to run, but then it felt like my body was too heavy to move. What does it mean?! I'm sure my brain was trying to work out the craziness in my life or I was watching too much Law & Order: SVU.

Now, in Evansville, there is someone who will interpret your dreams! That's right! Here's the full Craigslist ad:

Oneirology is the ancient study of dream interpretation.
Are you trouble by recurring dreams? Does a memory of certain subject matter cloud your mind throughout your day? Have past memories or experiences crept into your dreams? Find out what it all means with the help of a professional Oneirologist and hypnotition. Specializing in both Traditional Greek Medicine and Metaphysical studies, this doctor of Greek naturopathy can help you unravel the meaning behind your dreams.


Luckily, this person is a doctor...