Hacking group A-Team has some choice words about rival (and now disbanded) group LulzSec, which claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks in the past two months.

After posting the purported names, locations, aliases and family members of the people in LulzSec (which may be of great interest to authorities), A-Team went on to speculate why it felt the group shut down:

“The problem with Lulzsec/gn0sis’s ‘Hacktivist’ mantra is that they lack the skills to keep it going. As such after SONY they couldn’t get into anything. So they switched their focus to just releasing random crap that didn’t mean anything. Then they started running out of things they could hack. [...] From what we’ve seen [they] aren’t really that good at hacking.”


Can’t these kids just throw some sand at each other and call it a day?