If you’re still debating whether or not to head out to Guns & Hoses 2012 this weekend, consider this.  Of all the shows, concerts, whatever, you’ll see at the Ford Center (or have seen at Roberts Stadium in the past) there is nothing like the opening ceremony for Guns & Hoses.  

I saw Guns & Hoses for the first time last year (ironically, their last year at Roberts Stadium) and I was blown away by the opening ceremony for it all.  Maybe its because I lived through 9/11, maybe its because I know I owe my life to a firefighter or police officer somewhere out there, or maybe it’s just because I’m a patriot at heart and I LOVE to watch a good show.

I thought I had video of the opening for the 2011 ceremony (I know I did, but I think my phone messed up or something while I was filming) but I managed to find video on YouTube of the opening of the 2010 Guns & Hoses.

The first part of the video 1 is a little shaky, but stay with it.  I PROMISE it’s worth it!

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