The iconic Barbie doll has worn just about every popular hairstyle, including a bunch little girls have come up with on their own. Now there's a new movement to take that hair away and make her Beautiful and Bald.

The Beautiful and Bald Barbie movement started just a few days ago on FaceBook by a couple of moms whose little girls have lost their hair to cancer. Becky Sypin, one of the moms, says the Beautiful and Bald Barbie would help these kids feel better, feel like even Barbie is beautiful when she looses her hair.

There's even a movement to make one for the boys, a bald G.I. Joe.

The idea for a Beautiful and Bald Barbie has struck a chord with everyone and it's made the news on ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN and CBS. even put together an online petition to send to Mattel Research and Development to get the doll made. So far, there's just 1300 signatures on the petition. It needs 100,000.