Glenn Beck, now heard live in the morning at 9 here on NewsTalk 1280 WGBF, is back with an internet only TV show, starting today. Have your credit card handy, operators are standing by.

From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm ET this afternoon Glenn Beck’s P1s will be viewing the webcast that, for all intents and purposes, replaces Beck’s popular Fox News Channel show in their minds. The Wall Street Journal published a piece on Beck’s debut and reports that GBTV now has some 230,000 subscribers at $9.95. It also projects that Beck could take in some $20 million in revenue its first year. Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts is developing more programming for GBTV including children’s shows to come later this fall. Beck tells the paper the goal is to reach younger people, “I don’t know anybody under 30 who is watching television the way I watched television. Technology has allowed people to change the way they consume the news, and we want to be where people are going.”