-by Nikki Davis

The Tri-State area abounds with athletic events, but the Pickin’ & Pedalin’ Bike Tour is one event that combines cycling with music native to the area, making it a unique event for the whole family.

The Pickin’ & Pedalin’ Bike Tour is in its 11th year and was started as part of the Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival to benefit the Red Cross.  Anyone can participate, and routes range from 12 – 65 miles. It is a tour, not a race, and to register, call the American Red Cross at (270) 826-2775 so that they can give you the information that you need.

According to Malissa Troutman, Community Executive with the American Red Cross, spectators can expect “bluegrass music at two rest stops, fun cycling throughout Henderson County, and lots of cyclists on the roadways.”  Her favorite thing about the event is “the bluegrass music blending with the beautiful countryside and cyclists enjoying it all!”

In terms of the awareness the American Red Cross is trying to raise with the event, Troutman shares, “The American Red Cross is in our communities every day, helping local families.  Participants in this bike tour and donors who give every other day of the year make the services provided to local families in need possible.”  She also adds, “New routes are available this year, going through the sloughs in Henderson.  Cyclists who want to enjoy the Bluegrass in the Park Folklife festival may enjoy a shower after the bike tour at our partner facility, the YMCA, in Henderson.”

Fun on the Pickin' & Pedalin' Bike Tour