A recent shooting that involved known gang members has raised awareness and drawn attention to the gang situation in Evansville. So this week we dedicated the entire show to this topic and invited EPD Chief Billy Bolin, EPD PIO Jason Cullum, and Chris Cook from the Eastview Neighborhood Association in to discuss gangs in our town.

Whether or not you want to admit it, there are gangs in Evansville. Like Chief Bolin says "the situation is not like you'd have in L.A. or Chicago...but when they start firing shots at each other, they're a real gang." Chief Bolin goes on to talk about what the EPD is doing about gangs and how they are utilizing their new Guardian vehicle.

While discussing the recent gang shooting, Public Information Officer Jason Cullum reveals a rather startling statistic. Cullum acknowledges that the media and the public usually only hear about shootings when someone is actually hit. He goes on to say "We make shots-fired runs everyday...just since August of 2012 we've had over 450 shots-fired runs in the city of Evansville.

Chris Cook from the Eastview Neighborhood Association talks about what can be done from a citizen/neighborhood perspective.

January 30th - Segment 1

January 30th - Segment 2 (FYI: we had some technical difficulties with the last few minutes of this segment)