Today, Friday, March 2, 2012 as many as 75 tornadoes were reported from Alabama to the Ohio Valley with additional inclement weather sightings throughout the storm's line. There are multiple reports of fatalities, injuries and building damage. This comes only three days after a storm line produced 35 tornadoes resulting in 13 deaths.

It has been confirmed that 14 people have been killed in Southern Indiana, 10 in Kentucky and one in Ohio due to the tornadoes today with new reports coming of injuries and possible deaths.

The greatest amount of damage was reported in Henryville and Maryville in Clark County, IN, and New Pekin in Washington County, IN. In fact, authorities are saying that the entire towns have been wiped out.

In Henryville, school children were dismissed only 20 minutes before the multiple vortex tornado touched down. Because the busses couldn't get all the children home in 20 minutes, they were taken back to school where they immediately took cover.

Along with tornadoes and high winds, massive hail was reported throughout the storm system especially to the south. The Alabama Emergency Management Agency reports that rescue workers are still trying to dig out survivors that are buried beneath rubble after 9 tornadoes struck the state of Alabama. Over 50,000 homes are

without power.

The Red Cross and several other organizations are providing food and shelter to those who have been displaced. Only minor damage and injuries have been reported in the tri-state area. We will keep you updated when new information arises.