At a time when the internet's most popular videos seem to be Miley Cyrus acting like an idiot or the latest horrible news story, it is somewhat reassuring to come across a video that really should be seen by millions of people. Fred's story is one of those videos.

Fred Stobaugh is 96 year-old widow who, despite not being much of a singer (he admits that), decided to enter a song-writing contest. His subject material? The woman he loved for 75 years...Lorraine. What followed is one of the most touching stories I've heard in quite a while. If you have an extra nine minutes to spare, I really encourage you watch this story. Yes it might bring a tear to your eye - it did for me - but it also might make you smile and it might make you think about your sweetheart. We could all be so lucky as Fred, to have a love as strong as that between him and his Sweet Lorraine.

To me, this video is inspirational. Fred inspires me to be a better husband, and the folks from Green Shoe Studio inspire me and remind me to just be a better person. Do something nice for someone else just because it's the right thing to do. I hope (and think) you will enjoy.