You've undoubtedly realized the historical significance of this day and regardless of any political feelings you or I have toward Barack Obama, it seems only appropriate that the second inauguration of President Obama falls on the national celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

If he were still alive, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have certainly been relieved, grateful and proud that the people of the United States of America finally elected a black president.

I have always admired and respected the man that Martin Luther King, Jr. was because he fought for what was right and he led people peacefully, spreading the word of God and helping us to love one another.  This was what separated him from other black protest leaders.

Whether or not you have the day off, take a moment to think about the man that Martin Luther King, Jr. was, and say a prayer today for Barack Obama to lead this country properly and make the best decisions for the people of this great nation.