Flags should be flying at half staff today in Indiana to honor Korean War Veterans for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice.  The good news, obviously, is that the peace between North and South Korea has lasted this long.  The bad news is that the entire conflict was never truly settled.  In addition, there are still nearly 8,000 United States soldiers that are listed as missing in action.

My dad was a sergeant in the Korean War.  He and my entire family were fortunate that he was able to serve his time and return home safely.  If not, besides the obvious (again) fact that he would have died, my brother and I would never have been born!

I was fortunate enough not to have had to serve in any war and so I don't know the horrors of it first-hand.  My knowledge only comes from stories I have been told, things I have read, or programs/movies I have watched.  I thank God for that, and I thank all Veterans from the bottom of my heart for their service to this county so that my family and I may enjoy the freedoms we have.  You are all heroes to me.

So when you see those flags flying at half staff, please pause to remember those Veterans who have fallen or are missing.  They paid the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)