Kristen Tucker is probably best known for her highly successful role as the publisher and editor of Southern Indiana’s premiere lifestyles magazine - Evansville Living. But what is it that really makes this publishing guru tick?

To find out we caught up with Kristen and asked her five completely random and seemingly unimportant questions in hopes of catching a glimpse inside the mind of one of the tri-state’s most lucrative publishing figures. Her answers may surprise you.

1. You are at a bar and order a drink called a "Kristen Tucker,” what would that drink consist of? Ketel One vodka shaken with ice and served with an olive or a lemon twist.

2. It is karaoke night at your favorite local dive - you do not leave until you sing what song? I’ll be staying quite late, as I do not sing – in public, in the shower, and barely in church. However, if the house band invites me to shake the tambourine with them, I won’t leave until I join in for “Mary Jane’s Last Dance. It’s my favorite song to play with a band.

3. What is your favorite television sitcom of all time and why? Seinfeld was very funny to me because of the absurdity it found in the mundane, the self-centeredness of the main characters, and the multi-threaded plots that would twist back on themselves in unexpected ways. My favorite Seinfeld anecdotes involve Art Vandelay, J. Peterman, and “A dingo ate your baby?”

4. If you could wear a t-shirt from one of your favorite bands from back in high school to work today, what band would be on it and how would your co-workers react? I’d wear a light blue t-shirt that I wore to shreds from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s 1984 Born in the USA tour. I got the t-shirt at a concert in Murfreesboro, Tenn. If I showed up in our offices in the General Cigar Building wearing a Boss t-shirt, my co-workers might be surprised I listened to a musician other than Chris Isaak – my obsession for years – in high school.

5. You have exactly 1 hour to live - how do you spend the time? If I had just one hour to live, I would spend the time with my sons (ages 14 and 11) and husband, outside in our yard, playing, shooting hoops, throwing footballs, cutting flowers – enjoying a beautiful day and having fun.

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