Brick Briscoe is on his way to becoming a Southern Indiana legend – if he is not already. Having just released his sixth studio album entitled ‘Travel and Liesure’, Briscoe is proving to be one of the most unique and inspiring artists’ in the tri-state area.

We recently caught up with Brick Briscoe and asked him five questions. His answers may shock and enlighten you.

1. If there were a drinking game called "The Brick Briscoe,” what would it entail? I think everyone would have to take a drink every time I pointed out places to pee in the lower 48. So, it would have to either be a road trip game or something with maps or while watching the Travel Channel. Believe me, I know and I can get smug about it too! I have friends call me all the time asking for the best places to eat or pee along various byways all over the country. For instance, someone would say, "I'm on I-80 near the junction with I-57 and I'd know where that was and I could tell you about how far to the next practical bathroom (and believe me they aren't all practical, have you ever been to New Jersey?) Or maybe, someone might ask me whether the Truck Stop America in Santa Nella, California is worth a stop (yes it is) and I'd tell them or suggest something else. FYI, I'd be hard pressed to tell you where to eat or go in Massachusetts. Never had much luck there.

2. What was the last surprisingly good movie you watched that you really do not want to admit watching? That's hard because I spend a bunch of time screening things before I screen them! However, I watched "The Hunger Games" with daughter and found myself really enjoying it.

3. What was the last really great meal you had the pleasure of eating? At a place in Chicago called The Yard I had an amazing seared Ahi sandwich with spinach... great stuff... locally I had great sushi at Kanpai just recently.

4. What do you read in the bathroom? Shampoo bottles.

5. Who is your favorite Seinfeld character and why? I like them all. I think they are literally a part of my family. In fact, if I saw any of them on the street I'd go up to them and ask why they haven't been to Thanksgiving at my mom's for so long. What's strange is that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a client where I worked in Los Angeles and she was very nice, but I had never seen the show at that point. Luckily for her, I'm sure.

Be sure to catch Brick Briscoe’s performance this Saturday night at Doc’s Nightclub. He will be joined onstage with his Big Sexy Band (Ray Major, Gregory Martin and Eric Lee) followed by opening act Ghosts of the Ohio.

Show starts at 9:00 PM

Docs’ Nightclub

1305 N Stringtown Rd. Evansville, Indiana 47711