Indiana felons may now receive less prison time because of a new proposal passed earlier this week aimed at placing non-violent criminals into alternative correctional programs other than the state penitentiary.

On Thursday, the House voted 86-10 in support of an agreement to amend some of the current Indiana sentencing laws and provide  options, like work release, to low-level felons instead of locking them up inside the Indiana Department of Corrections.

It is now up to the Senate to determine if the plan will go into effect. If passed, Indiana lawmakers say that it wouldn’t be until July 2014 before these changes start to be implemented on certain criminal offenses across the state.

Critics of the plan say they are concerned that individual counties could ultimately incur an increase in costs by changing the current laws. Those concerns are scheduled to be heard before a legislative committee.

In addition, amendments to the laws would create more prison time for felons of more serious offenses.