No, he doesn't want a tie for Father's Day.  I know it's hard to think of something to give him, especially since what he would normally want, and what you can afford, he usually buys for himself.  Things he really wants, you probably can't afford.  So what to get dad for Father's Day?  I have struggled with this same dilemma for years.  Here are some suggestions you may not have thought about.

Does your dad like cars?  How about getting him a certificate or card to a local car wash?  Personally, I've always loved being able to take the car through the car wash, getting it cleaned up and not having to do it myself.

Does you dad like to cook?  Get him some grill tools for his next barbeque.  There are lots of new gadgets you can check out at your local grill retailer or kitchen store.

Get him a massage!  A half hour or hour with a trained professional will make him feel very special and oh, so relaxed.

You can purchase a gift card to one of his favorite stores and turn him loose!  Let him buy whatever he wants.

No money?  Not a problem.  Simply spend time with him in one of his favorite activities.  Just sitting and talking with him, sharing news and reminiscing is something he'll truly value, even if he's not sentimental and doesn't want to show it.