Whenever Father's Day rolls around my thoughts always turn to Dad, who isn't physically here any more.  He passed away several years ago.  I think of him many other days, as well, but especially on Father's Day.  It's a day that I'm reminded of all the things he taught me, spoken and unspoken, both good and bad.  It's a day of reflection for me, as a dad, just as much as it's a day of celebration for all the "dads" in the family.

I think about the fact that I know how to treat my children fairly, lovingly, firmly, graciously, humorously and seriously because of my dad.  I think about how I can treat my wife respectfully, humbly, lovingly, playfully, and compassionately because of my dad.  I know how to take care of my pets, work on a car, mow the yard, use a hammer, play a musical instrument, and speak (relatively) well with correct grammar.  I know how to relate to others, tell a bad joke or pun, use common sense, and throw a baseball and football.  All because of my dad.

There are so many more things I could list that I learned from my dad, but there's no need.  You get the point.  And as I reflect about my dad on Father's Day, I reflect on myself, as a dad to my own kids and the kids I've taught in the classroom, and I like to believe that my dad is proud of me and the lessons he taught me.

To all fathers, have an awesome Father's Day - and keep up the good work!