Indiana authorities say they are baffled as to what type of maniac is responsible for killing four sheep and mangling several others on farms along the Indiana-Ohio border.

Earlier this week, David and Brittany Kolb of Reilly Township found two of their horses and four of their sheep hacked up and stabbed, as well as four more sheep slaughtered to death on a stretch of pasture.

According to reports, the animals were brutally attacked over the weekend with either a large knife or a hatchet. In addition to the random act of violence, some of the farmer’s property was also taken from the premises.

“We live in a really rural community, and it’s all farmland and everybody knows everybody. It’s just kind of unbelievable,” said Brittany Kolb. “We don’t have things like this happen in our community.”

Sheriff’s officials say they fear this culprit will likely strike again. However, it is difficult to catch midnight butchers such as these due to there rarely being any witnesses with the exception of other animals - and most of them aren't saying much.