Every Saturday morning through the end of October sees a lot of activity at the corner of State and Water Streets in downtown Newburgh.


The Fall Farm Market is so much more than just produce.  Each week we have something special planned. 

 Saturday, Oct 1, Mary Grace McMullen, John McMullen and Amy Abbott, all local authors, will be having a book signing.  Any local authors are welcome to join.  Our Famers each week will have their best produce, meats and plants.


Saturday, Oct 6, Marcy Schmidt, the writer of March Forth will be doing a book signing. Once again, the Farmers will have the best produce, meats and plants in the area.  They are all locally grown.


Saturday, Oct 15, Historic Newburgh, Inc. will be hosting a traditional English Boot Sale.  A Boot Sale is basically a yard sale out of your trunk.  All across England, people pull up their car on a Saturday morning  and trade their “stuff”.  While the Farmers Market will be going on, those interested in selling “stuff” from their car, can pull up to the Town Hall Parking Lot.  There is limited space so it will be important to call for a reservation, Carol Yoak at 812-490-0006.


Saturday, Oct 22, we will have pumpkins galore.  Stop in for tips about how to cook that Fall Squash, as well as making pumpkin pie.


Saturday, Oct 29, will be our final Farmers Market for the Season,   It is trick or treat time in Downtown Newburgh.  The little ones are encouraged to come to the Farmers Market and trick or treat and then walk up to the shops for some trick or treating.  It is a safe environment.  It is a happy environment.  The Little Old Dam Band will once again share their talents.


It is not too late to become a vendor.  Those interested in participating, contact Jim Arnold at 812-550-4538.

Historic Newburgh, Inc. is a nonprofit, Main Street organization dedicated to historic preservation, economic revitalization and sustainability of Downtown Newburgh. All proceeds will benefit Historic Newburgh and fund projects that will complement our new town plan.