I haven't ever used an extender dog leash, although I've admired them from a distance.  I don't know why I've never purchased and used one, but after finding out what can happen to those who do, I'm glad I don't.  Do you use an extender leash?  If so, you want to continue reading.

Over the past few years, there have been many injuries associated with extender leashes, including finger amputations, finger fractures, eye and other injuries to the face (broken teeth, cuts, bruises) and falls.  Innocent bystanders have also been injured.

Veterinarians and other pet experts warn pet owners NOT to use extender leashes.  If you have a dog that can get excited and pull with a reasonable amount of strength, it's not a good idea to own one.  A hard pull from just about any dog has the potential to cause injury.  However, you're probably safer safer using this type of leash with an older dog that doesn't pull or a dog that is well-mannered.

Just keep in mind that any time you use an extender leash, you may encounter a situation that could end up being a (literal) pain.  My future plans?  I'll just keep using the old-fashioned 4' leash that I've always used.