A press release from Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's office states that the companies invited to submit formal proposals are Gatehouse Capital Corp., based in Dallas, TX; HWC, LLC, of Branson, MO; and Swerdling & Associates in Denver.

“I support the Redevelopment Commission’s action to move this project forward by asking three companies with a history of developing quality hotels to submit formal plans for new convention hotel for the City of Evansville,” said Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “All of the companies responding to our initial request for qualifications are well qualified to handle this project, but the portfolio of projects of the three finalists matches best to our needs.”

“The three developers selected by the Redevelopment Commission bring more than $2 billion in current or recent hotel development experience to the table,” said Philip Hooper, Executive Director of the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development. Hooper said the developments are in cities that include Indianapolis, Baltimore, Austin, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Hollywood, CA, and near San Francisco in Silicon Valley.

The next step is for developers to submit formal proposals to the Commission by October 1, with interviews to follow in October. The Commission plans to select a hotel development team at its November 6 meeting.