By: Annie Jenkins

(5pm) Evansville police are on the scene of a shooting on the east side of Evansville and at this hour the gunman may still be inside the home with the victim.

Police were first called to the home in the 1900 block of Vann Avenue around 3:30 this afternoon. Officials say the caller sounded like a child who told them his mother had been shot. Police told the child to leave the house and take their sibling. They are both safe.

When police arrived, the alleged gunman was seen leaving the home. Shots were fired by both the police and the suspect. At some point the suspect went back inside the home where he remains at this hour. He has told police he is injured.

There is no word as to the injuries of the other person in the home.

At this time streets between Pollack and Vann have been closed to secure the area.