Remember back in June when police raided the wrong home in association with internet threats mades against officers? When the SWAT teams tossed in the flash grenades and broke down the storm door, they entered the house to find a 68-year-old woman and her teenage granddaughter.

It turned out that the perpetrator that police were looking for had used the unsecured wifi signal from the house that was raided.

Eyewitness news had a camera crew on the scene of the raid. You can view the story here.

Now, Louise Milan has filed a lawsuit against the EPD over the incident. The lawsuit contends that police violated her constitutional rights, that police were negligent and that the Milan suffered emotional distress because of the incident.

Police chief Billy Bolin says that the police department has paid for all of the physical damage.

I'm pretty sure that I would suffer some emotional distress if the police threw flash grenades in my living room and had me on the floor handcuffed. But, should I sue over it?

How about you?