It should be taken into consideration, at least somewhat, that when performing the old “quick draw” routine with a handgun in the middle of a liquored up living room sideshow and idiot circus, you might want to make sure the safety is on.

That is solid advice that would have proved beneficial to Jason Joshua Leasure, 28, who was charged with criminal recklessness (Class C Felony) and false reporting (Class B Misdemeanor) after telling police that someone broke into his house and shot him - when in reality he shot himself.

According to a release issued by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were called out to Hornbrooke Apartments in response to shots fired in the area.

When officers arrived, Leasure was hanging out in the parking lot with a nonlife threatening gunshot wound in his right leg.

Leasure told police that a mysterious black man dressed in black forced his way into his apartment, squeezed off one shot and then took off. Of course, in true idiot form, Leasure failed to remove the empty gun holster from his belt, which gave police a sneaking suspicion that he was lying to them.

That is when officers went into the apartment and proceeded to ask a couple of witnesses about what happened.

It did not take long for both witnesses to reveal that Leasure was engaged in a drunken exhibition of an old west “quick draw” routine when the handgun went off and shot him in the leg. At that point, the witnesses reported that they were afraid Leasure was going to seriously hurt someone else, so they hid the gun under the mattress in the bedroom.

When deputies told Leasure about what the witnesses had reported, he finally broke down and admitted that he was in fact responsible for shooting himself in the leg and that the elusive black man was a hoax.

Fortunately, there was no showdown - after Leasure received treatment for his nonlife threatening gunshot wound, he went quietly with officers to the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center where he is being held without bond.