Evansville natives, and Memorial High School graduates, David McCracken and Josh Reidford are back in town scouting locations to film their second independent film, Bullitt County, and they need your help to fill out a few scenes as an extra.

I first met David and Josh five or six years ago when they began shooting their first feature film, Daylight (available on Amazon), and have kept in touch with them ever since. After graduating from Memorial, David went out to Los Angeles where he attended the University of Southern California Film School and worked in the television and movie industry, most recently working behind the scenes at the El Rey Network which was founded and run by critically-acclaimed writer, producer, and director, Robert Rodriguez who's long list of accomplishments include From Dusk Til Dawn, Spy Kids, and Spy Kids 2 to name a few.

While Daylight was a "found footage" film, much in the vain of The Blair Witch Project and the like, that centered around a young girl with possible supernatural connections. Bullitt County will be shot much in the way a typical movie is shot. McCracken and Reidford stopped by the studio to discuss the film recently and describe it as an "action-thriller" set in the 1970's with a plot centered around a group of friends who learn of a legend about hidden Prohibition money while on a trip to Kentucky's bourbon trail for a bachelor party. The discovery leads to the revelation of dark secrets, greed, and even murder among the group.

The duo plans to begin principal photography in the next couple weeks with filming taking place in New Harmonie, Evansville, Boonville, and Henderson among other places.

While a majority of the main and supporting cast is already set, McCracken and Reidford are looking for extras to be involved in a few of the scenes. Since the film is set in the 1970's, era-specific clothes will be provided for anyone interested in being a part of filming.

They're also looking for help behind the scenes. So if being in front of a camera causes you to break out in a cold sweat, but you still want to get involved in some way, that's one way to do it.

Whichever route you're interested in, simply send the guys an e-mail at BullittCountyFilm@gmail.com to let them know.

And be sure to check out their production company, Mr. Pictures, on Facebook while you're at it.