Which type of book do you like to curl up with and read, an electronic book or a good old fashioned book?  Are printed books going to die out like the dodo bird did?  For the time being, it appears that even with the "coolness" factor of e-books, printed books are holding their own and don't seem to be becoming extinct.A Harris poll was performed, asking readers what they prefer to read and here are the results:

  • Approximately 54 percent of Americans do read some e-books, but still read printed ones, as well.
  • Men ready about half as many books as women
  • Americans read around 17 books per year, on average.

The advantage of reading e-books?  The convenience of immediately being able to download e-books.

I personally prefer reading printed books.  The reasons?  I like having a real book to read, I like holding the book, I like not having to worry about charging it up, and I don't want to be staring at another electronic screen.  I do that most of the day while working at the station.  Not staring into a lighted screen is more relaxing for me.

Which do your prefer - printed books, e-books or both?